The Experience

Get Ready. Get set. GO!  You’re off and driving your zippy little red 2-seater speedboat on a tour of epic proportions!  A tour that will take you up close to some of the best Sydney Harbour has to offer.  Want to drive under the Harbour Bridge?  No sooner said that done. Opera House? Of course! You’ll marvel at the soaring sails seen from your boat, as you follow your expert guide.

And that’s just for starters. Explore Sydney Harbour has carefully selected an array of spectacular – and surprising – places for you to see as you drive yourself and your passenger on one of our superlative tours.  And you’ll see them from a whole new perspective that simply cannot be matched by big sight-seeing vessels.

Make lifetime memories on a tour with Explore Sydney Harbour!

Don’t want to be lost in a crowd?  We know that you want personal attention when you’re on a tour with us. That’s why we limit our groups to just 3 boats, with two people in each. And you’re always in contact with our friendly, highly experienced guide who leads the way.

Before you start your tour, we’ll brief you on safety and show you how to operate your boat. Then you’re ready to follow your guide for the tour of a lifetime!

When you take the wheel of one of our boats, get ready to experience a unique, personal and extraordinary Explore Sydney Harbour adventure.