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Explore Sydney Harbour

All Aboard for Adventure in Sydney Harbour

With Explore Sydney Harbour, you will have a truly unforgettable experience!

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The Experience

Cast off on a harbour trip like no other! With YOU at the helm of one of our snazzy little red speedboats, you get right up close to those breath-taking icons – the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. And that’s just for starters. Sydney Harbour is chock full of history, unique places and fascinating landscapes.

Experience them from a whole new perspective, with our trusty expert guide to lead the way. ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE OR LICENCE REQUIRED!

Follow the Leader

With Explore Sydney Harbour, you have a truly unforgettable experience. You don’t need to know anything about boating. You don’t need any permits.

All you need is a desire to have the time of your life! Our expert guide quickly has you driving your little red two-seater with aplomb. He leads the way. All you do is follow and enjoy the ride – and the views of Sydney!

The Boats

Our unique red boats are custom-built and can carry two people in each. Their very special design means you see Sydney Harbour from a completely different perspective compared to larger sightseeing vessels. And because we head out in groups of only six people, you have a very personal trip.

Kayaking can be fun, but it’s not a patch on the fun of our speedboats, and nowhere near as fast! And while jetboats can have you round the harbour in a jiffy, even they don’t come close to our Sydney tours where YOU take the helm.

Feel the wind in your hair. Feel the spray on your face. Breathe the salt-tang air. Experience the difference!


Safety First

At Explore Sydney Harbour, we put safety first. So before you start your tour, you take part in a briefing about boat safety and operations. After you complete this training, you’re able to drive your own boat, following our guide for your breathtaking Sydney Harbour adventure.